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Introductions to Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

 An Introduction to Neural Networks

L. Smith, Centre for Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

Department of Computing and Mathematics, University of Stirling.


Artificial Neural Networks

Saint Louis University, School of Business & Administration


Künstliche Neuronale Netzwerke

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid-UPM (España),


Neural Network FAQ

Artificial Neural Networks FAQ (from the newsgroup comp.ai.neural-nets)



Applications of ANN in biology:


Neural network applications in Ecology and Oceanography

M. Scardi


PAEQANN - Predicting Aquatic Ecosystem Quality using Artificial Neural Networks: Impact of Environmental characteristics on the Structure of Aquatic Communities (Algae, Benthic and Fish Fauna) J.-P. Descy & S. Campeau


Implementing behaviour in individual-based models using neural networks and genetic algorithms (G. Huse, E. Strand & J. Giske)

Novel Methods for Analysing Forest Characteristics in Southeast Alaska

Centre for Computational Geography, University of Leeds


AIMS: Automated Identification of Microbial Subpopulations

AIMS Project